2019 July 23 13:43

LUKOIL produces over 15 million tons of oil at Vladimir Filanovsky field

​LUKOIL says its cumulative output at Vladimir Filanovsky field has exceeded 15 million metric tons. Full-scale commercial operation of the project started in the fall of 2016, i.e. eleven years after the field's discovery.  

Currently, the third-stage of infrastructure development is under way. LUKOIL has mounted the wellhead platform topside (mini-platform) on the bearing units in the Caspian Sea. The total weight of the structure exceeds 2.8 thousand metric tons.

A self-elevating floating drill rig will drill wells from the wellhead platform. The produced oil will go to the central processing platform of the first field-development stage through a subsea pipeline. Filanovsky field's third development stage aims at bringing its western part into development and at maintaining production at the target level of six million metric tons. Oil production at the wellhead platform is to begin this year. The facility will be minimally manned and almost fully automated.

Vladimir Filanovsky field, the largest oil field in the Russian sector of the Caspian Sea, had initial recoverable reserves of 129 million metric tons of oil and 30 billion cubic meters of gas. Commissioned in 2016, the field reached its target production level of six million tons of oil per year in 2018. The field produces on the “zero discharge” principle: all processing and domestic waste goes to the shore to be disposed of there.