2019 August 16 15:36

Throughout of oil port Primorsk in Jan-Jul 2019 increased 14% to 35.74 million tonnes

Crude oil, oil product exports through Primorsk Oil Port in January-July 2019 totaled 35,749,000 tonnes, which represents a 14% increase on the same period in 2018, the Baltic Sea Ports Authority statistics show.

Handling of crude oil rose 23% to 27,415,700 tonnes, while oil product shipment decreased by 9% to 8,333,300 tonnes.

Port Primorsk is Russia’s largest oil port in the Baltic Sea, the terminus of the Baltic Pipeline System (BPS). The port is located in the Leningrad Region, on the eastern coast of the Bjyerkezund Strait (Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea).