2019 September 13 15:09

Shearwater GeoServices awarded large South America survey

Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS (“Shearwater”) has announced the award of a large survey to be acquired in South America starting in Q4 2019.

The 6-month project covers approximately 8,500 sq. km and will be acquired by the Amazon Warrior using 14-streamers and Flexisource triple source. The Amazon Warrior is equipped with a Qmarine streamer system and has been working offshore Brazil since March 2019 and is designed to execute safe, high productivity seismic data acquisition in harsh environments.

The Amazon Warrior is designed, in its entirety, for the purpose of high-capacity seismic acquisition. As one of two Amazon class vessels in Shearwater’s fleet, it is tailor-made to deliver a safe, efficient, and stable performance during all seismic operations. It is equipped for world-wide operations ranging from harsh artic environments, to South Atlantic conditions where the unique vessel design enables low noise data to be acquired through an extended operational window.

About Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS:

Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS is a global, customer-focused and technology-driven provider of marine geophysical services. The company has the world’s largest fleet of high-end seismic vessels and a portfolio of proprietary technologies and software that provide customers with a full-range of geophysical acquisition techniques, effective surveys and high-quality data. Shearwater has approximately 600 employees, an industry-leading cost position and a strong balance sheet. Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, Shearwater is owned by Rasmussengruppen AS, GC Rieber Shipping ASA and Schlumberger.