2019 October 8 17:30

Blue Baltics project coordinated by KN awarded prestigious environmental award

Blue Baltics project, coordinated by KN (AB Klaipėdos Nafta), was awarded the prestigious award Energy Globe Award Lithuania 2019 for its positive impact on the environment. Blue Baltics project is the foundation for the creation of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) value chain and the promotion of the clean fuel use in shipping, KN says in a press release.
Energy Globe Award is considered to be one of the most prestigious environmental awards in the world, every year projects from 187 countries compete for it. This award is awarded to energy-efficient and pollution-reduction promoting projects that are recognized at regional, national, and global level.
Blue Baltics has brought together Lithuanian, Swedish, Estonian, and German businesses to promote the use of more sustainable maritime fuels in the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea is a major artery for passenger and freight transport, one of the busiest shipping channels in Europe, and ships are the main type of transportation. If ships are allowed to use cleaner and more sustainable fuels, businesses contribute not only to the competitiveness of the maritime economy, but also to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and negative climate changes.
During implementation of Blue Baltics project, launched in 2016, the LNG reloading station was built in Klaipėda, it allowed the port city to become the axis of LNG value chain and LNG distribution hub by linking four Baltic States into a single LNG value chain. Approximately EUR 15 million from the Motorways of the Sea Foundation were allocated for Blue Baltics project, of which EUR 4 million was allocated from KN. 

“KN together with its four partners have created a unique value chain that includes both the development of an environmentally friendly infrastructure of the LNG fuel and its distribution capabilities. Energy Globe Award is important and inspiring recognition for successful collaboration with partners in order to ensure the compliance with the strict environmental standards of the Baltic Sea. It is important to note that the small-scale LNG reloading infrastructure created in Klaipėda will benefit not only environmentally, but also be a significant link of the LNG value chain, its development provides for the development of additional operations, thus allowing to reduce Klaipėda LNG Terminal maintenance costs for all consumers of the gas”- says Arūnas Molis, head of KN Klaipėda LNG service.
The award aims to draw the attention to innovative solutions dedicated to the most pressing environmental issues - lack of resources, air and water pollution, erosion, and adverse climate changes. According to the founders of the award, this way the business is encouraged to focus on innovative solutions that can address environmental problems.