2019 November 6 16:49

Ships of RF Navy's Baltic Fleet made business call in port of Piraeus

A detachment of Baltic Fleet ships consisting of guard ship Yaroslav Mudriy, the sea tug boat Viktor Konetskiy and the tanker Yelnya carrying out long-range planned missions, made a call at the port of Piraeus, Greece, says press center of RF Defence Ministry.

The main purpose of the visit is to replenish supplies, demonstrate the St. Andrew's flag, maintain international cooperation and short-term rest of personnel on the shore.

Ships will stay in the port for four days. The crews will go on excursions in Athens and see the sights of Piraeus, which became a suburb of the Greek capital in the 20th century

Upon completion of a business call to Piraeus, Northern Fleet ships will continue to operate in the Mediterranean Sea.

During the sea passage from the Baltic to the Mediterranean Sea, ships covered more than eight thousand nautical miles and visited Syrian port of Tartus.

On the warship and ships of the detachment are anti-terror groups from the Baltic Fleet marines. In addition, "Yaroslav Mudry" carries on board the Ka-27 deck helicopter.

A detachment of ships consisting left Baltiysk on October 1 and headed for the Indian Ocean.