2019 December 3 13:27

Investments of Multipurpose Reloading Complex (Ust-Luga) in development totaled RUB 432 million YTD

From the beginning of 2019, investments of Multipurpose Reloading Complex LLC (MRC) operating at the port of Ust-Luga totaled RUB 432 million.

The bulk of that amount was allocated for implementation of the terminal’s comprehensive development programme.

Throughout the year, the company was conducting pre-project works on expansion of railway infrastructure having renovated more than 15% of internal rail tracks.

As part of production facilities modernization, MRC reconstructed some of its storage facilities, berths and transformer substations.

In 2019, the company expanded its fleet of handling equipment. It put into operation a Vityaz portal crane, KALMAR DCE160-12 and ТСМ FD100Z8 forklift trucks and a MANTSINEN 120R material handler. To protect environment, MRC purchased a special local sprinkling system and a multipurpose street cleaner. The new equipment let enhance environmental safety and intensify loading/unloading works at the terminal.

Under the programme on raising its operational efficiency, the company embarked on introduction of ILSAR system for management of production processes. It ensures automatic data exchange with information bases of all cargo supply chain stakeholders in real time mode. ILSAR lets plan the work of the company basing on information about approaching ships and trains as well as availability of stock resources. That will keep production costs down due to the process optimization.

Multipurpose Reloading Complex LLC (MRC), is a cargo terminal in the port of Ust-Luga, Leningrad Region, specializing in unloading, storage and loading of general and bulk cargoes. The main cargo is export power coal. In 2018, MRC LLC handled 5.4 million tonnes of cargo.