2020 March 17 10:36

Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg increased financing of its environmental programme 1.7 times in 2019

In 2019, Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg JSC (SP SPb) allocated RUB 78.8 for implementation of environment protection measures, 1.7 times as much as in 2018, the company says in a press release.

The growth was primarily driven by increased procurement of ecological equipment and modernization of the port’s environmental facilities. More than RUB 55 million was spent for the above-mentioned purposes.

In the reporting period, the company acquired and partially put into operation a local system for dust suppression in vessels’ holds, an eco-friendly hopper with an in-house system of dust suppression and a vacuum cleaning machine for berths.

In 2019, SP SPb it conducted reconstruction of stormwater drainage and combined sewage system as well as rehabilitation of pipelines including renovation of over 400 meters of sewage lines and 13 mainstream sewage wells.

With the purpose to protect natural resources, SP SPb allocated RUB 2 million for environmental monitoring, up 15%, year-on-year. On a monthly basis, the company conducted wastewater quality measuring involving 20 parameters and air quality measuring involving 8 parameters. Measuring of acoustic load at the border of the sanitary protection zone  was conducted quarterly during the transshipment process.

Environmental monitoring was conducted by specialists from laboratories accredited by the government. The monitoring findings show no above-limit impact of SP SPb activities on the environment.

The package of waste management measures undertaken by the company let it recycle over 90% of waste. Reuse of wastes considerably reduces the negative impact on the environment as compared with the conventional landfilling practice.

Environment protection activities of SP SPb are aimed at minimization of its environmental footprint. Environmental safety is seen by the company as one of the most essential aspects of its activities.

Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg JSC is the largest operator rendering services on handling of all types of dry cargoes at Big Port St. Petersburg. It operates modern multipurpose specialized terminals for handling of general and bulk cargoes and specialized terminals for ro-ro cargoes and containers.