2020 March 31 11:44

Operations under quarantine arranged by Troitsa Bay Seaport (MPBT)

Troitsa Bay Seaport (MPBT LLC), the key stevedoring company operating at Zarubino port, says it ensures uninterrupted transshipment of cargo onto seaborne transport without reducing its throughput.

According to the statement, the company has reorganized operation of its labour and production resources with the focus on health and safety of each employee. On the one hand, that ensured safe operation of employees for an uninterrupted production process. On the other hand, MPBT is fulfilling its obligations to the partners while guaranteeing high performance in challenging economic conditions.

The company has undertaken all the measures in pursuance of the presidential order and other requirements on prevention of Covid-19 spreading. Work conditions have been changed for the personnel involved in the production process to meet the enhanced security requirements.

For other subdivisions not involved directly in the production process a non-work week was declared while maintaining wages. The personnel of the Port Administration is working from home.