2020 April 29 13:41

USC suggests subsidizing 15% of shipbuilding contracts signed by Far East shipyards

Far East shipyards cannot compete with other Russian shipyards due to certain factors

At the meeting dedicated to construction of fishing ships and held by the Council of the Federation, Aleksey Rakhmanov, President of United Shipbuilding Corporation suggested subsidizing 15% of the shipbuilding contracts signed by the Far East shipyards, USC says in a press release.

When speaking about the Far East based companies of USC, Aleksey Rakhmanov marked technical readiness of the shipyards.

“Shipbuilding facilities of Amursky Shipyard can accommodate up 6 crab catchers under construction. Khabarovsk based asset of USC is a minor but multipurpose company. Its technological scheme allows for simultaneous construction of 10 ships with displacement of up to 250 tonnes and 3-5 ships with displacement of up to 1,500 tonnes”, he said.

Yet, USC head emphasized that even with their full technical readiness Far East shipyards cannot compete with those of other Russian regions due to expensive logistics, climate conditions and overloading with regional compensations for employees.  All those factors raise the construction costs and, consequently, result in low competitiveness of Far East companies.

“A systemic approach is needed to take the compensation costs off the economic entities. A state subsidy covering up to 15% of the contract price can be a solution. It is to be offered to the Far East enterprises located in the territories equated to the Far North”, suggested Aleksey Rakhmanov.

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