2020 April 29 14:27

Delta Pilot Branch of USPA dredged over 500,000 cbm of material since early 2020

 DSC 8892The total volume of maintenance dredging, performed by the technical fleet of the Delta Pilot Branch of Ukrainean Sea Ports Authority (USPA) since early 2020, exceeded 500 thousand cubic meters, which makes more than 30% of the annual plan, USPA says in a press release.

In the previous year, the scheduled repairs were carried out for most of the vessels of branch’s technical fleet.Three vessels of the dredging convoy Rion underwent the underwater repairs, and dredge pumps Ingulskyi and Meotida underwent the scheduled repairs. This had cut down the volumes of dredging to reach 824.7 thousand cubic meters in 2019, but allowed for establishing the planned indicators of 1.6 million cubic meters of the maintenance dredging by means of one’s own fleet in the current year. In 2018, the technical fleet of Delta-Pilot branch achieved the record-breaking dredging volume of 1.3 million cubic meters.

In 2020, the dredging was carried out at Buzko-Dniprovsko-Lymanskyi Channel, Kherson Sea Channel, the sea approach channel of the Deepwater Navigation Course “Danube-Black Sea”, in ports of Mariupol and Berdiansk, and at the approach channel of Dniester-Tsaregradsky duct.

It is planned to perform the maintenance dredging by the technical fleet of Delta-Pilot within the water areas and approach channels of Odesa, Pivdennyi and Mariupol ports and at Kherson Sea Channel, as well as the approach channel of the Deepwater Navigation Course “Danube-Black Sea” by the end of the current year.

The dredging fleet of Delta Pilot branch of USPA consists of three dredge pumps (Ingulskyi, Meotida and Tilihulskyi), a dredging convoy as a part of a multi-bucket dredger Rion, two sludge-removal barges (Krymska-3 and Krymska-9) and an anchor handling tug boat MZ-318.