2020 May 21 10:24

International project Ice Operations brings together research resources of Nordic countries

The partners to Ice Operations – a project geared towards scientifically-based development of the Arctic areas and funded by EU-Russia KOLARCTIC CBC Programme 2014-2020 – have held an online conference, says press center of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU) .

The work being conducted by the team of Norwegian, Russian, Finnish and Swedish experts involves ice observations out at northern seas, research into ice mechanics, numerical modelling of ice actions on offshore platforms, as well as development of recommendations and solutions for the industry players, which stand as the key beneficiaries of the project’s outcomes.

Progress monitoring and planning for results constitute a regular activity. Inputs have been provided to the recently held conference also by some of NArFU’s higher schools: they reported on the progress they achieved in several particular research fields in 2020.

Particularly, work is in progress to finalize the second topical report “The Pechora Sea Ice Conditions”. Currently ongoing is the study of computer simulation techniques for estimating possible operational risks in the Pechora Sea. Also, methods are being developed for identifying ice ridge formations and interpreting their parameters using radar satellite imagery.

The team will soon channel their efforts into promoting project deliverables and introducing them into academic activity and research at university level. A series of publications and methodological guidance will be prepared in cooperation with Russian and international partners.

The project partners are scheduled to meet again in June 2020.