2020 May 22 16:01

Dismantling of right-bank dam began at Beloomut hydrosystem

FSBI Moscow Canal says it has embarked on dismantling of Beloomut hydrosystem’s right-bank dam.

The fleet deployed for the works includes two 2 flat-top barges, 2 pusher-tugs and a n-self-propelled floating crane.

Since some of structures are located below the water surface, a team of four divers will be involved.

The Beloomut hydroengineering system was built on the Oka River along with the Kuzminsk hydroengineering complex in 1911-1915 to the design developed by Russian engineer Nestor Puzyrevsky. In 2015, the facility rehabilitation project kicked off. The Customer of the project is the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport of Russia, the developer is the Moscow Canal. The project General Designer is Aquatic JSC. The Belomut redevelopment will help solve the problem of shallow water in the Oka River. The new dam should gradually increase the controlling depths by 76 cm and, thus, ensure smooth transits of passenger and cargo vessels. According to the state assignment, Moscow Canal authority maintained controlling depths in the section of inland waterways (on the Oka River from the Beloomut hydroelectric complex to the settlement of Shchurovo and further from the mouth of the Moscow River to the Severka hydroelectric facility) at around 1.7 meters.

From 2019, General contractor under the project – Rosmorrechflot’s Marine Rescue Service.

With the completion of reconstruction works, throughput capacity of inland water ways will be increased by 0.91 million tonnes.

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