2020 June 2 11:03

Ocean Network Express to extend the suspension of China-Australia service

Ocean Network Express extends the China Australia service (CAE) which is jointly operated with Maersk and MSC, the company said in its release.

This suspension is expected to last at least until end of September 2020. To assist customers during this exceptional time, alternative cover of the CAE ports is provided by inducing a Hong Kong call to the North East Asia Australia (AUN) Service, also jointly operated with the same consortia –Maersk and MSC.

CAE port rotation: Xiamen, Nansha, Hong Kong, Yantian, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Xiamen

AUN port rotation: Yokohama, Osaka, Pusan, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, (Hong Kong), Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, (Hong Kong), Yokohama