2020 June 16 17:53

Oboronlogistics’ Sparta III is ready to work in northern latitudes

Sparta III, the largest vessel in the fleet of Oboronlogistics LLC, completed scheduled repairs at the gunner ship repair plant in Saint Petersburg and passed the next classification inspection of the Electromechanical part, radio navigation equipment, rescue equipment and hull. A full five-year maintenance of cargo cranes has been carried out, Oboronlogistics says in a press release.

While docking, the ship's hull was covered with a special ice-resistant coating. In addition, the vessel has been certified for compliance with the Polar code, which allows the vessel to operate in polar waters.

In accordance with the requirements of environmental safety and the International Convention on ballast water management, Sparta III has a modern d-2 standard ballast water treatment system. This system reduces the risks of environmental pollution and allows you to avoid additional procedures for replacing ballast water on the route.

In the near future, Sparta III is planned to work in the Northern latitudes and towards the Novaya Zemlya archipelago to solve the problems of Northern delivery as part of the implementation of state contracts concluded between Oboronlogistics LLC and the Russian defense Ministry for the provision of transport services for cargo delivery in 2020. The contracts were concluded in accordance with the orders of the Government of the Russian Federation on determining Oboronlogistics LLC as the sole performer of works and services performed by the Russian Ministry of defense related to cargo delivery to the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and the far Eastern region.

M/V Sparta III – purpose cargo ship RO-RO/LO-LO (vertical and horizontal loading), intended for transportation of various class: General cargo (including oversized), containers of more than 800 TEU, heavy equipment (cars and other types of cargo), equipped with two cranes with lifting capacity of 350 tons, which positions the ship as a Heavy Lift Cargo Vessel.

From 2019 to 2020 the cargo ship Sparta III made several long passages from Europe to Southeast Asia and back to the customer with delivery of associated goods, including those transported project cargo from China to Europe via the Northern sea route. The successful experience of operating the Sparta III t/h on the NSR routes in the summer period has shown savings in time, as well as in fuel and security costs due to the reduction of the distance and the exclusion of the passage of pirate-prone areas and the Suez canal.