2020 June 29 16:26

Admiral Makarov frigate of RF Navy’s Black Sea Fleet conducted exercises in the Mediterranean Sea

The crew of the frigate "Admiral Makarov" Black Sea Fleet (BSF) performing tasks as part of the permanent group of the Navy in the Mediterranean sea, conducted a planned exercise for air defense and repel the attacks of the underwater saboteurs, says press center of RF Defence Ministry.

During the exercise, the frigate's air defense crews received a scenario about the approach of enemy aircraft. The rocket crew identified the targets, took them on escort and destroyed them with electronic launches of missiles by the "Shtil-1" self-defense system.

Further, according to the plan of the exercise, the crew worked out the algorithm of actions in the event of an attack on the ship by underwater sabotage forces of enemy while parked on an unprotected roadstead.

The military deployed anti-sabotage posts and performed preventive rocket-propelled grenades.

The exercise was conducted as part of the training of the ship's crew to protect and defend against potential threats.