2020 June 30 15:46

Knyaz Vladimir submarine of RF Navy’s fleet went to the White Sea starting its first base-to-base passage

The “Knyaz Vladimir” nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine went to the White sea from Severodvinsk today starting its first base-to-base passage as part of the submarine force of the Northern Fleet, says press center of RF Defence Ministry.

Within a few days the submarine’s crew will perform several predesignated tasks of the training course within the water zones of the White and Barents seas. They will also check the submarine’s systems and equipment in various modes.

It is expected that by the end of the week the "Knyaz Vladimir" ballistic missile submarine will arrive at Gadzhievo - the main submarine forces base of the Northern Fleet.

The "Knyaz Vladimir" ballistic missile submarine is the lead ship of the 955A - "Borey-A" improved project - the 4th generation nuclear submarines. It differs from the submarines of the 955 project in its hull form, reduced noisiness and better controllability. The submarine is equipped with the “Bulava” intercontinental ballistic missile system and modern mine-torpedo weapons. The "Knyaz Vladimir" was put into service of the Navy on June 12. The submarine was laid down at "Sevmash" on July 30, 2012.