2020 July 29 15:29

Contacts inked for survey and design works under the Belomorkanal hydraulic engineering installations rehabilitation project

Rosmorrechflot says that The Authority of the White Sea-Onega Basin of Inland Waterways has signed two contracts for survey and design works of the project for rehabilitation of hydraulic engineering structures on White Sea-Baltic Canal (Belomorcanal). The signed agreements are aimed at the implementation of the Inland Waterways federal project under the Comprehensive Main Infrastructure Modernization and Expansion Plan until 2024.

The scope of works includes project development for the reconstruction of hydraulic engineering installations of the Belomorcanal, Phase 4, Locks №№ 2, 14; development of project for the reconstruction of hydraulic engineering installations of Belomorcanal, Dam No. 23. Design and survey works are scheduled for the period until December 2021.
The design documentation for Locks No. 2 and No. 14 envisages the reconstruction of mechanical equipment, concrete structures of heads and slabs of pointing sills, of electrical equipment and communications, reconstruction of auxiliary buildings and structures, of control and measuring equipment, as well as reconstruction of near lock ground and an access road to Lock No. 14. The Dam No. 23 design documentation — the reconstruction of the dam overfall, dam abutments, an emergency spillway, and the restoration of an access road.

Specialists of Aquatic after collection of initial data have begun topographic surveys and plan to conduct hydrological and environmental surveys as well.