2020 October 26 13:06

Passenger turnover in Russian ports plunged by 73.9% in 9M’2020

The most drastic fall, 99.8%, registered in the Baltic Sea Basin

Passenger traffic in Russian ports in January-September 2020 totaled 503,500 people, which is 73.9% less, year-on-year, due to constraints caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, says the Association of Commercial Sea Ports.

The most drastic fall, 99.8%, was registered in the ports of the Baltic Sea Basin. In the reporting period, they serviced 1,600 passengers versus 1.01 million passengers serviced a year ago.

The ports of the Azov-Black Sea Basin serviced 475,000 passengers, down 43.1%, year-on-year; the ports of the Far East Basin - 26,700 passengers, down 67.3%, year-on-year.

Arrivals fell by 62.5% to 251,400 people, departures – by 55.8% to 251,300 people, the number of transit passengers totaled 800 people (-99.8%).