2020 November 5 16:55

Ship Repair Center ‘Zvezdochka’ to design shaft line for nuclear-powered icebreaker project of Project 10510, Leader

The work is to be completed in September 2021

Ship Repair Center ‘Zvezdochka’ (Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Region based company of United Shipbuilding Corporation) and Central Design Bureau “Iceberg” have signed an agreement on development of working design documentation for a shaft line of nuclear-powered icebreaker Leader of Project 10510.

The work will be conducted by Zvezdochka's Center of Propulsion Systems. It is to be completed in September 2021. Besides, the Center of Propulsion Systems is set to participate in manufacture of four shaft lines for the icebreaker. Each shaft line will be fitted with a propeller of 7.5 meters in diameter and about 110 tonnes each.

Ship Repair Center ‘Zvezdochka’ (a company of United Shipbuilding Corporation) was established in 1954. Apart from the head organization in Severodvinsk, Zvezdochka has branches on the Barents, White, Azov, Black and Caspian Seas.

United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC OJSC) is the largest shipbuilding company in Russia. It was set up in 2007 with 100% federal ownership. The holding comprises 40 companies and organizations (major shipbuilding and shiprepairing companies as well as leading design bureaus). Currently, USC consolidates the bulk of the domestic shipbuilding complex. The Russian market is the main focus of the state corporation though it also exports its products to 20 countries worldwide.