2020 November 20 18:00

CMA CGM to launch the FLAMINGO EXPRESS service

CMA CGM has announced the launch of the FLAMINGO EXPRESS service.

FLAMINGO EXPRESS features are the following:
 Weekly direct service from/to Miami, the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Saint Martin and Haiti with competitive transit time from South Florida
 Vessels 100% operated by CMA CGM
 Weekly service linking the Virgin Islands and Bahamas to/from the Caribbean, Asia, Europe & North America
 New direct service from Haiti to Miami with competitive transit time for refrigerated and garments exports
 New direct service from Miami to the Bahamas, Virgin Islands & Saint Martin with fast transit time, suitable for refrigerated exports
 Using Kingston as a hub for full coverage (Caribbean, Asia, Europe & North America)
 First SB sailing: m/v "REGULA" ETD Miami, USA on December 10th, 2020
 First NB sailing: m/v "REGULA" ETD Lafito, Haiti on December 21st, 2020