2021 January 12 12:49

Port of Liepaja throughput in 2020 fell by 10% Y-o-Y

The port’s container and oil products throughput is increasing

Freight volume handled in the Port of Liepaja, Latvia in January-December 2020 fell by 10%, year-on-year, to 6,603,200 tonnes, the Port Authority told IAA PortNews.

In the reporting period, handling of grain and cereal products declined by 0.5% to 2,879,700 tonnes, handling of anthracite fell almost 4 times to 272,700 tonnes, building materials - by 17.7% to 740,000 tonnes while handling of oil products grew by 2.1% to 458,100 tonnes.

Handling of Ro-Ro cargo fell by 16% to 38,070 units, container throughput grew by 36% to 3,604 TEUs.

In the reporting period, the port serviced 29,828 passengers, down 19.3%, year-on-year.

The number of calls fell by 5% to 1,456.

Port of Liepaja was founded in the 90s of last century at the former Soviet Union’s naval base. Liepaja ranks third port of Latvia by handled cargo volume. Half of the port’s cargo throughput is fueled by crude oil and bulk cargoes imported from the CIS countries, largely from Belorussia. In 2019, throughput of Liepaja port was 7.33 million tonnes.