2021 February 20 18:05

Sevmorzavod shipyard launches starboard pontoon for floating crane of Project ПК-700

The non-self-propelled crane was ordered by Sevmash

Sevastopol Marine Plant (Sevmorzavod shipyard, branch of Shiprepairing Center Zvyozdochka of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) has held a technological launching of the starboard pontoon for a non-self-propelled floating crane of Project ПК-700, USC says on its Instagram page.

The project customer - Production Association 'Northern machine–building enterprise' (Sevmash, a company of USC). The project designer - Sevastopol based CDB Corall.

The crane named after shipbuilding engineer Grigory Prosyankin was laid down on 9 November 2018. It is intended for all types of lifting operations and for transportation of cargo on the upper deck.

Key particulars: lifting capacity – 700 tonnes; length – 74.2 meters; width – 32.6 meters; height – 45 meters; displacement – 6,249 tonnes.

The two pontoons will be assembled into a single hull on water with final welding to be conducted in a dry dock.

The ПК-700 is the second crane under construction at Sevmorzavod.

Sevastopol Marine Plant (Sevmorzavod shipyard) was founded in 1783. In March 2015, the Government of Sevastopol and Russia's shipbuilding conglomerate United Shipbuilding Corporation signed a Memorandum on Cooperation with the purpose of reviving the company. Currently, the Zvezdochka's Sevastopol unit specializes in shipbuilding, ship repair, manufacturing onboard and industrial equipment, engineering and manufacturing of metal structures. The company is on the list of organizations of Russia’s defense industry complex.

Ship Repair Center ‘Zvezdochka’ (a company of United Shipbuilding Corporation) was established in 1954. Apart from the head organization in Severodvinsk, Zvezdochka has branches on the Barents, White, Azov, Black and Caspian Seas.

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