2021 March 12 18:04

Corvette Stoyky and sea tanker Kola of RF Navy's Baltic Fleet make business call to Oman

Today, the corvette Stoyky and sea tanker Kola of the Baltic Fleet made a scheduled business call at the port of Salalah (Oman), says press center of RF Defence Ministry.

During the stay in the port, the Russian ships, replenish fresh water and food supplies, and its crew will have the opportunity to relax on the shore.

After the completion of the call, which will last until March 14, ships of the Baltic Fleet will continue to perform its tasks.

The materiel and armament of ships are functioning normally. The sailors carried out the necessary preventive maintenance of all systems and other preventive work.

A detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet consisting of the corvette Stoyky, the medium sea tanker Kola and the sea tug Yakov Grebelsky went to sea from the permanent base of the city of Baltiysk to perform the planned tasks of a long-distance campaign on December 16, 2020.