2021 March 22 17:39

Sever Bay Port terminal obtains state expert approval

Glavgosexpertiza of Russia (General Board of State Expert Review) says it has reviewed the design documentation and the results of engineering surveys for the construction of the terminal on the eastern bank of the Yenisey Bay. The project has obtained an approval of Glavgosexpertiza.  

The Sever Bay Port oil terminal is to be built in the framework of Dickson port expansion on the Taimyr peninsula. The terminal is intended for loading of tankers with oil produced at the Payakhskoye field for further transportation by the Northern Sea Route to the ports of Russia, Europe and APR countries.

The Sever Bay Port terminal will have berths with a total length of 1,275.9 meters. When fully operational it will have a capacity of 28.36 million tonnes of oil per year with an annual throughput estimated at 26.98 million tonnes.

The terminal designed by LENMORNIIPROEKT will be built by Taimyrneftegaz-Port.

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