2021 March 31 10:09

Ningbo Containerized Freight Index decrease in March 2021

In terms of container freight rates, the average value of the Ningbo Container Freight index (NCFI) 1 in March was quotes 2060.7 points, have an decrease of 11.4% compare to last month, according to port of Ningbo's release. From Ningbo to the North America route, the cargo volume in the market was recovering steadily, and the supply and demand were basically good. Among them, the east coast of North American route had a small capacity base and tighter shipping space, resulting in an increase in freight rates. The average freight rate of 40GP from Ningbo Port to Los Angels port in March was $3856, have a decrease of 0.1% compare to last month from Ningbo Port to New York port was $5008, increase of 3.5% month-on-month. 

Source: Ningbo Shipping Exchange