2021 April 2 17:24

Oboronlogistics’ Sparta III is ready to work in Arctic region

Image source: Oboronlogistics
In March 2021, an supplemental survey of all parts of the of Oboronlogistics’ ship Sparta III in the port of Murmansk was completed, Oboronlogistics says in a press release.

The screw-steering complex was repaired and the ship's radio equipment has been upgraded: the GMDSCS (Global Maritime Distress and Maritime Safety Communication System) Class A4 communication equipment has been installed. It is designed to operate in circumpolar areas above 80° latitude, where there are no VHF or medium-wave coastal stations.

In the near future Sparta III is ready to perform tasks related to ensuring the needs of the Russian Defense Ministry and commercial customers for the delivery of cargo to the Arctic along the Northern Sea Route.

Sparta III is a universal dry cargo vessel of the RO-RO/LO-LO class (horizontal and vertical loading) designed for the transportation of cargo of various classes: general cargo (including oversized), containers in the amount of more than 800 TEU, heavy equipment (cars and other types of cargo). It is equipped with two cranes, with a lifting capacity of 350 tons each.