2021 April 6 09:40

RF Government approves state programme for Arctic development

The document has been approved in pursuance of the Presidential Order


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Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin has signed a Decree on the comprehensive programme of social and economic development of the Arctic Zone.


According to the official website of the Russian Government, allocations for implementation of the document provisions will total some RUB 15 billion over three years including almost RUB 3.5 billion to be allocated in 2021. Among the targets of the state programme is the increase of the Artic Zone’s contribution into the economy of Russia, stable development of the region and attraction of more investors.

That is to be achieved through the development of infrastructure, fulfillment of the potential of priority development areas with their privileges for businesses, improvement of state support instruments including those related to the status of the Arctic Zone resident.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin emphasized that the programme implementation would let generate tens of thousands of new jobs and raise the income of people, support the business involved in promising projects, attract investors and highly competent specialists in the Arctic regions, ensure private capital flow in volumes exceeding those of state allocations.

The document has been approved as a follow-up to the Strategy for Developing the Russian Arctic Zone approved by RF President Vladimir Putin in October 2020.

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