2021 April 20 15:20

ABS and Rainmaking to support Singapore’s decarbonization entrepreneurs

ABS and Rainmaking are to collaborate to support entrepreneurs with maritime decarbonization technologies, according to ABS's release.

ABS’ extensive marine and offshore industry experience combined with Rainmaking’s register of decarbonization focused startups will allow rapid testing and development of transformational technologies with the potential to reduce CO2 emissions.

The program will identify technology startups and deliver scalable pilots and ventures through six-month long sprints. ABS will act as a technical advisor to provide industry insights and evaluate new technologies for their potential contribution to IMO decarbonization goals.

“ABS is supporting the development of the maritime decarbonization technologies ecosystem as part of our commitment to putting the shipping industry on a sustainable footing. By collaborating with Rainmaking, we are ensuring the transformational ideas our industry needs to reach its decarbonization goals are identified and supported to rapidly achieve the scale required to make a significant contribution,” said Georgios Plevrakis, ABS Director, Global Sustainability Strategy.

“We need to get much more progressive on how tech can change this industry - we see a like minded partner in ABS to achieve this,” said Rainmaking Partner & Investor Michael Pomerleau.