2021 April 23 10:10

ICTSI Ecuador unveils special economic zone at the Port of Guayaquil

Contecon Guayaquil S.A. (CGSA), International Container Terminal Services, Inc.’s subsidiary in Ecuador, welcomes the creation of a special economic zone at the country’s main seaport as an immense opportunity to boost the country’s foreign trade, according to the company's release.

On 20 April, the port operator, together with national government and port authority representatives, formally presented its Declaration of Special Economic Development Zone (ZEDE) – a high-impact project that aims to strengthen the competitiveness of Ecuador’s exports.

ZEDE will be situated in an area adjacent to the Port of Guayaquil – considered a prime and strategic location due to the port’s interconnectivity with the country’s main production centers, other maritime ports, and airports – creating a hub of strategic interest for national and international investments.

The ZEDE offers a complete and stable regulatory framework of Ecuadorian legislation for the development of high-impact investments. Within the framework, the project generates added value to the supply chain and provides the State and business operators a competitive area for their activities as required by law.

To attract businesses, the ZEDE will offer several tax incentives that include exemption from Income Tax for the first 10 years of the project and reduction of 10 points from the tax rate for the next 10 years; exemption from Foreign Exchange Exit Tax for up to 20 years; exemption from Foreign Trade Taxes for a similar period, as well as Value Added Tax credit on local purchases; benefits in sectional fees and taxes, depending on the location and location of the project; and benefits in special customs processes for the scheme.

Aside from creating positive economic impact, the ZEDE will also join the Port of Guayaquil’s environmental scheme to become the first carbon-neutral special economic zone in Ecuador. It will also implement a strict environmental sustainability plan starting from day one of its operations – a first for the region.

Championing environmental stewardship, CGSA became the first carbon-neutral port in Latin America in 2018. Last year, it handled the world’s first carbon-neutral shipment comprising banana exports. The terminal has handled more than 12 million TEUs since commencing operations in 2007, mobilizing over five million tons of export cargo annually.

In March 2007, ICTSI was awarded by the port authority of Guayaquil, Autoridad Portuario de Guayaquil (APG), a 20-year operating concession for the Container and Multipurpose Terminals in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Later in May, a contract was formally signed between APG and Contecon Guayaquil SA, ICTSI’s local operating unit. The terminal handles containerized, general and bulk cargo.

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