2021 May 2 10:53

Creek restoration partnership kicks off to improve waterway health

A partnership between Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL), Brisbane City Council (BCC) and the Council of Mayors’ (SEQ) Resilient Rivers Initiative will prevent approximately 375 tonnes of sediment travelling into the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay every year.

Utilising PBPL’s innovative approach to offsite stormwater treatment, the Downfall Creek Restoration Project (within 7th Brigade Park in Chermside) will reduce erosion and stabilise the area, identified by BCC as a priority site for rehabilitation and enhancement works.

PBPL CEO, Roy Cummins, said the Port’s offsite stormwater approach sought to reduce overall sediment loads in Moreton Bay by tackling sediment pollution at the ‘source’.

“By rehabilitating sections of highly degraded creeks and riverbanks in the regional catchment, we can significantly reduce sediment run-off from these areas travelling into the Brisbane River and ultimately depositing in Moreton Bay and the Port’s navigational channel,” said Mr Cummins.

“The success of this approach relies on strong partnerships with key stakeholders such as Brisbane City Council and the Council of Mayors’ (SEQ) Resilient Rivers Initiative, and we thank them for their support.

“Since 2016, Port of Brisbane has invested over $1 million and worked with partners to rehabilitate 1.7 km of degraded creek and riverbeds in South East Queensland, preventing approximately 8,500 tonnes of sediment from entering the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay every year.  But we can, and want, to do more.

“Working with partners to deliver projects such as these – that deliver sustainable environmental and community benefits – form a key part of our broader, whole-of-business Sustainability Strategy.

“Our strong view is that the greater the take-up of the offsite stormwater approach, the greater the benefits for the community and environment.”

Over the weekend and as part of the Downfall Creek Restoration Project, around 70 people joined a community planting day hosted by BCC and Brisbane Catchments Network Inc. to plant 1,300 native plants that will create and enhance habitat for native species in the area.

The Downfall Creek Restoration Project will provide many benefits including:
stabilising the creek landscape to reduce sediment loss and erosion, avoiding approximately 375 tonnes of sediment movement downstream every year
planting native creek vegetation including over 2,500 new trees to increase and connect habitat for land and aquatic wildlife
improving instream habitat and water quality within the creek
improving ‘natural’ visual amenity.