2021 May 3 16:08

A-Navigation should be affordable and feasible for shipping companies – MARINET

Russia strives for availability of a-Nav technologies for shipping companies

A-Navigation should be affordable, predictable and implementable for shipping companies, IAA PortNews correspondent cites Alexander Pinskiy, the author and the leader of the a-Navigation project and the Head of MARINET Industry Association, as saying at the Conference on a-Navigation.

“Definitely, A-Navigation should be affordable for a shipping company. It can not be very expensive and sophisticated. Otherwise the benefits thereof would be eaten by cost of a-Navigation implementation. And it should not require completely new types of ships. It means, we must equip the existing vessels with a-Navigation systems. Moreover, MASS (Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships) operation shall be predictable and understandable for everyone removing the fears of artificial intellect “black box” system”, - explained Mr. Pinskiy. “We have also assessed possibilities of a-Navigation systems in terms of autonomous running or the necessity of operator involvement”, - he concluded.

“Russia has opened up the practical operation of maritime autonomous vessels and calls upon all countries to join this approach, which will provide exceptional opportunities to improve the safety and efficiency of the entire global maritime transport industry. We work not only for the interests of the Russian industry, but for all mankind. We are open to share experience and we hope that this will become a valuable input for many shipping companies and ports, for the maritime administrations of different countries, and for the IMO”, - said AleksandrPoshivai by inviting Conference participants to enjoy the video of an example of a-Navigation Trial Project.

“Fine tuning of the existing regulations to avoid any accidents in the future and compatibility thereof with international legislations is our primary task”, - said VitalyKlyuev, Acting Director of the Department of State Policy of Maritime and Inland Waterways Transport. “The drafted national legislation is fully compliant with international rules and applicable for both newly built and existing vessels”, -he summed up.

The online Conference on autonomous and remote navigation (a-Navigation) was organized on April 28, 2021, by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation with support of IMO and in partnership with the Industry Association MARINET and the a-Navigation Promotion Center “MARINET RUT”. The Conference gathered about 100 experts from various shipping and engineering companies, regulatory bodies and research centers worldwide.

Image: IAA PortNews