2021 June 4 10:28

Marine Rescue Service announces competition for construction of five rescue tugs of NE025 design

Image source: Marine Rescue Service
The ship design was developed by Nordic Engineering

Marine Rescue Service has announced a competition for the right to sign a contract on construction of Arc4 multipurpose rescue ships of Project NE025.

The ships will be built under the Plan for the Development of the Northern Sea Route Infrastructure until 2035 and the Federal Project “Northern Sea Route” foreseen by the transport part of the Comprehensive Plan for Modernization and Expansion of Core Infrastructure (CPMI) until 2024.

According to the statement, it is the first case of Marine Rescue Service to act as the state customer for ship construction.

The winner will build five ships of Project NE025 designed by Russian company Nordic Engineering.

The first two ships are to be homeported in Murmansk, two mere – in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and one – in Arkhangelsk.

The rescue towboat of Arc4 ice class is intended for participation in accident-prevention and rescue operations as well as for ensuring safe maneuvering of large ships in ports and harbors of the Northern Sea Route.

Key particulars of the ship: LOA – 29.00 m, BOA – 9.40 m, midships depth – 4.20 m, midship draught at the summer load waterline (SLW) – 3.20 m, displacement at SLW draught (sea) - 482 t, light mass - 388 t, main engine continuous power max - 2х746kW, draw on the hook – at least 25 tf.

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