2021 June 11 15:36

Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg hosts introductory practical training for students

From the end of May, Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg JSC (SP SPb) has been hosting an introductory practical training for almost 200 cadets from four educational institutions: Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, College of Admiral Makarov SUMIS, Saint-Petersburg Sea Fishing College and D.N. Senyavin Marine Technical College.

Instructors of Marine Recruiting Agency (SP SPb subsidiary) hold tours, demonstrate operation of the terminals and explain technological procedures of handling operations. Special attention is paid to specific activities of slingsmen and tallymen as those jobs are in the programme for second and third year cadets. The related knowledge will first help them at exams, then at the final research paper defence and at work.

For most students it was the first introduction to the port. The future specialists have seen reachstackers, mobile cranes and spreaders they had heard about at the lectures. They now know how slabs, steel coils and container fitting platforms look like.

– I am studying to be a stevedore but first I am to learn a trade of a tallyman. Any information is more comprehensible through practical training rather than through theoretical learning because I see everything with my own eyes. I hope to get a job in the port for working in summer, I’d admire it! – Says Arina Baranetskaya, second-year student of Saint-Petersburg Sea Fishing College.

Marine Recruiting Agency annually arranges apprenticeship for students of the related educational institutions. Practical training is usually organized for hundreds of future specialists.