2021 July 5 18:00

LORP to have RSD59 ship built by Krasnoye Sormovo under leasing agreement

Image source: Marine Engineering Bureau
Construction of new cargo ship to begin when Zhatai Shipyard is put into operation

Lena United River Shipping Company (LORP) is looking into having a dry cargo carrier of Project RSD59 built by Krasnoye Sormovo under a leasing agreement, LORP General Director Sergey Larionov said in his interview published on the official website of the shipping company.

RSD59 ship is intended for transportation of general ad dry bulk cargo including grain, timber, metal scrap, coal, oversize cargo and dangerous goods. “The ship will operate in the west and in the east with its class allowing for operation along the entire Northern Sea Route”, said Sergey Larionov.

Sergey Larionov told about continued upgrading and modernization of the shipping company. Underway is the outfitting of the Isidor Barakhov, Yevgeny Chistyakov and Vladislav Shamshin tankers at the Zhatai Ship Repair Yard. About ten fleet units have undergone modernization in compliance with the technical regulations on double sides.

“For the first time since over the post soviet period we started modernization of the passenger fleet. For our subsidiary Lenaturflot we acquired new Neptune air-cushion vessels, two Valdai 45R hydrofoils by Alexeev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau which are an improved version of high-speed ships of Polesye type built in 80-90ies. The new ships have been acquired through leasing”, tells LORP General Director Sergey Larionov.