2021 July 9 10:46

Navigation practice on Rosmorport's sailing boat Mir came to end for 126 cadets

Image source: Rosmorport
On July 5, a navigation practice on the sailing boat Mir of FSUE "Rosmorport" came to an end for 126 cadets who had spent 76 days on the ship. During this period, the sailing boat traveled 2,547 nautical miles in the Baltic and North Seas, as well as in the Baltic Straits.

During the practice, the students obtained new skills necessary for working at sea: they carried out deck works, carried watches on the steering wheel and worked with masts and sails.

On July 6, FSUE "Rosmorport" accepted new 131 cadets, 12 of whom were girls, from the Marine Academy Institute of the State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping named after Admiral S.O. Makarov and 1 cadet of the SUMIS College on the board of the vessel.

The new shift will last 70 days and will take place in the Baltic Sea, where the cadets will be able to practice previously obtained theoretical skills.

"Mir" sailboat is a three-masted training frigate, considered the fastest in the world. It recorded the maximum speed under sails of 21 knots (38.9 km/h). The vessel bacame winner of international sailing regattas several times. In 2022-2023, it is planned to circumnavigate the world on "Mir" sailboat; the circumnavigation is dedicated to the celebration of the World Sea Day and the 78th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.