2021 July 21 13:10

ABP’s Port of Ipswich retains first place for agricultural products exports in the UK

ABP’s Port of Ipswich is again the number one for the export of agricultural products in the UK, beating London, Bristol and Southampton to claim the title it has held since 2005, according to the company's release. On the 14th July 2021, the Department for Transport published the UK port freight statistics for the UK, reporting that ABP’s Port of Ipswich shipped 516,000 tonnes of agricultural products in 2020, which is higher than the 500,000 tonnes shipped by London. In total the Port of Ipswich exported 21% of UK major ports’ outwards agricultural products tonnage last year.

The Port of Ipswich’s performance reflects its key location at the heart of the Suffolk and North Essex agricultural community, and the role of East Anglia as the ‘bread basket’ of the UK. In addition to holding the accolade of being the biggest exporter of agricultural products, ABP’s Port of Ipswich is also the fifth busiest port in the UK overall for both imports and exports of agricultural products and plays a key role in supporting supply chains in East Anglia, including aggregates and cement for the UK construction industry.

As well as its location, with its proximity to the farming communities of Suffolk, North Essex and East Anglia, its extensive facilities ensure that ABP’s customers, including Clarkson Port Services and COFCO International UK, can competitively export to Europe, the Mediterranean and North African markets, succeeding over many other European producers.