2021 August 3 14:41

Construction of new facilities to commence at Onezhsky Shipyard in autumn 2021 года

Image source: website of the Karelia Government
In-depth modernization of Onezhsky Shipbuilding, Ship Repair Yard envisaging the construction of a digital shipyard in Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia, is to be implemented by 2024. On 2 August 2021, Arthur Parfyonchikov, head of Karelia, held a visiting meeting dedicated to the project, says press center of the Karelia Government.

The digital ship will build ships of mixed rive/sea class as well as support and auxiliary ships.

“Construction works are to commence in the end of the year. A contractor is currently being selected”, said Arthur Parfyonchikov.

The project provides for introduction of digital shipbuilding technologies, robotization and automation of production processes allowing for the annual output increase to 10 ships and generation of at least 500 new jobs. Additional hull construction workshops, a checkpoint, a center for data processing, a gasification station and treatment facilities are to be built at the shipyard. An integrated digital production system will be used to control the activities.

New facilities will be built without suspension of the company’s current production activities.

According to Arthur Parfyonchikov, the shipyard is currently implementing an ambitious project on construction of seven crab catchers worth over RUB 10 billion. Four ships have already been laid down. With this order, the shipyard is loaded for a five-year period. Besides, Onezhsky Shipyard is engaged in repair works on some ships with the construction of a tugboat with a high ice class nearing completion.

Glavgosexpertiza of Russia earlier approved the project of in-depth modernization of Onezhsky Shipyard and construction of a digital shipyard. Allocations for the construction works are to total RUB 5.2 billion with the first tranche of RUB 1.3 billion expected this year.

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Photos from the website of the Republic of Karelia Government