2021 August 4 13:40

Vostochnaya Verf completed shipyard's sea trials of the Okhotsk

Photo credit Vostochnaya Verf Shipyard

This is the first crab catcher built under the presidential programme for providing crab fishing quotas in exchange for investments in domestic shipbuilding

The Project 03141 crab catcher OKHOTSK, built at the Vladivostok based Vostochnaya Verf, completed on July 30 and 31, two sailings to conduct shipyard’s sea trials, the shipbuilder’s press office said. The crab catcher’s main engine and auxiliary machinery have already been tested and have shown in-service full capability. The vessel will undergo several test sailings, harbour acceptance tests, dock-side trials and the Okhotsk will be ready for acceptance/delivery ceremony.

The Okhotsk showed excellent seaworthiness: customers, representatives of equipment suppliers from Japan, the shipyard experts note the outstanding characteristics of the vessel. Permanent monitoring of the entire construction process, thorough inspection of each element of the crab catcher machinery at the dock-side trials will ensure efficient and smooth opertion of the vessel during the sea trials, Vasily Molodtsov, CEO, Vostochnaya Verf JSC said.

Vostochnaya Verf prepares along with the OKHOTSK sea trials for launching her sister ship named the AYAN. The vessel was rolled out on June 21 to the shipyard embankment for sandblasting the hull. The shipyard plans for this month the completion of hull painting, loading equipmen and launching the AYAN. Vostochnaya Verf slated delivery of the second crab catcher this year, at least five month ahead of schedule.

The Project 03141 crab catcher main particulars: LOA: 63,27 m, beam: 10,6 m, displacement: 1 586 tonnes, tank capacity for live crab is up to 100 tonnes.

Upon delivery of the 03141 series crab catchers Vostochnaya Verf scheduled for 2021 the delivery of Project 10410 “Svetlyak” class border patrol boats, a pantoon pier (PM-61M), and the completion of the Mikhail Barskov, a small sea-going tanker of Project 03281.

Vostochnaya Verf Shipyard (former name Vladivostok Shipyard, Shipyard No.602) was created in 1952 to build ships for the USSR Pacific Fleet and Border Service of the Far East region. The enterprise was incorporated in 1994. In 1950-2000, the shipyard built over 400 vessels for the Navy, border services and fishing companies. Since January 2020, it is the sole contractor for projects of the Ministry of Defense in the Far East and a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok (CPV). Vostochnaya Verf capabilities allow the shipyard to provide a complete scope of construction of ships with length of 120 m, breadth of 16 m, depth of 25 m and displacement of 3,500 tonnes.