2021 September 10 10:35

30 fishing ships of various types to be built over second phase of investment quotas project

Photo by IAA PortNews

Russian Federal Fisheries Agency is against imposing any standard designs of ships hoping for appearance of domestic designs

30 fishing ships of various types are to be built for the Far East basin over the second phase of the project which foresees providing of fish quotas for construction of new fishing ships and facilities, Ilya Shestakov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, head of Rosrybolovstvo (Russian Federal Fisheries Agency), told journalists when answering the question of IAA PortNews at the Global Fishery Forum and Seafood Expo Russia 2021.

According to him, this number will include 15 large capacity ships and transport ships allowing for modernization of the Far East Basin’s fishing fleet by 65-70%.

Construction of processing plants and port facilities in the framework of the project’s second phase (planned for 6 years) is to begin in 2022, construction of vessels – in 2023 although the beginning can be postponed due to delayed shipbuilding projects.

The official also told about the plans on liberalization of the regulatory framework by lifting some of the requirements foreseen for fishery companies applying for quotas.

When commenting on the question of IAA PortNews about new designs of fishing ships, Ilya Shestakov emphasized that Rosrybolovstvo is against insisting on certain standard designs. According to the speaker, the second phase is expected to see the companies involved in the first one. The head of the Agency also expressed his hope that Russian design institutes which accumulated experience in adjusting foreign designs to meet RS requirements would be able to offer their own design solutions.

“Through implementation of investment quota programme we will get an advanced and efficient fishing fleet”, said Ilya Shestakov.