2021 September 16 10:13

DFDS acquires ICT Logistics

DFDS has acquired the Danish freight forwarding company ICT Logistics, according to the company's release.

ICT was formed in 1997. DFDS has owned 19.9% of its shares since 2003.

Full ownership will strengthen and develop DFDS’ eastern European position, allowing it to expand more into the Baltics and surrounding countries.

They also have a strong sustainability commitment - and like DFDS - share a commitment to the UN’s Sustainability Goals.

ICT transports full- and part-loads between east and west Europe via road, air, sea, river, and rail. Their services include oversize cargo, warehousing, distribution, and customs clearance.

Headquartered in Denmark, ICT has other offices in Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and the UK.
They have a fleet of around 600 trailers and own 20 trucks. They employ 80 people and enjoy annual revenues of DKK 260m.