2021 September 16 10:38

Capacity of Vostochny Port’s multipurpose complex to be raised to 117,000 TEUs per year

Image source: UMMC
As of today, it can handle 29 TEUs per year

Annual capacity of Vostochny Port’s multipurpose handling complex is to be raised to 116,800 TEUs within a couple of years, Irina Olkhovskaya, UMMC Director for Port and Rail Projects, said at the meeting of the International Coordinating Council on Trans-Eurasian Transportation (CCTT), according to the event streaming.

“Vostochny Port has all the technical capabilities to ensure competitiveness of Russia’s coal industry at the dedicated facilities of the coal terminal’s Phase 3 as well as stable logistics of export/import container flow at its multipurpose complex”, said the top manager of UMMC.

According to her, it is crucial to prevent the flow of empty platforms, export/import cargo flow should be closed.

The multipurpose complex is a multimodal hub focused on exports. Over the 8-month period of 2021, the complex handled 14,000 railcars with metal goods totaling 7,378 TEUs.

The complex currently numbers two berths with a total capacity of 29,000 TEUs per year. Phase 2 foresees launching of yet another berth in 2022. Its capacity will be 87,600 TEUs. Upon completion Phase 3, the complex will number four berths able to handle 116,800 TEUs per year. Investments are estimated at RUB 460 million for Phase 2 and RUB 346 million for Phase 3. The project is to be completed within a couple of years.

The complex will be capable of handling ships up to 20,000 in deadweight.

Another project of UMMC is Troitsa Bay Seaport in Zarubino port. Last week saw handling of the first batch of import containers.

Vostochny Port JSC (Vrangel settlement, Primorsky Region) operates Russia’s largest specialized terminal with high-tech coal handling. Vostochny Port is a free access facility open for all coal manufacturers of Russia. In 2020, it handled 26.85 million tonnes of cargo.

The terminal features covered stations for unloading and transfer of coal, conveyor equipment, rotary car dumpers, shiploaders and the second-to-none system of multi-stage magnetic coal separation.

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