2021 September 21 17:54

ABS publishes guide to ammonia-fueled vessels

As the potential of ammonia to contribute to shipping’s decarbonization objectives is increasingly recognized, ABS has moved to support its adoption with publication of industry-leading guidance for the design and construction of ammonia-fueled vessels, according to ABS's release.

The ABS Guide for Ammonia-Fueled Vessels sets out Classification design criteria for the arrangements, construction, installation and survey of machinery, equipment and systems for vessels operating with ammonia as fuel to minimize risks to the vessel, crew and the environment.

The Guide is supported by notations recognizing where a vessel is arranged to burn ammonia for propulsion or auxiliary purposes and is designed, constructed and tested in accordance with the requirements of the Guide. The vessel LFFS notation will be issued in tandem with suffixes denoting dual-fuel propulsion (DFD) or reliquefaction systems (RELIQ) and with the remote monitoring notations (ACC, ACCU or ABCU), depending on the individual vessel arrangement.