2021 September 23 12:51

MSC invests in new efficiency solution to reduce emissions from fleet

MSC will be deploying an air lubrication solution, the Silverstream System, on a substantial portion of its newbuild pipeline, according to the company's release.

The technology behind this air lubrication system allows the company to achieve significant savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by helping the ship move more smoothly through the water.

The Silverstream System creates a “blanket” of air bubbles across the surface of the vessel’s hull, reducing resistance created by the hull as it glides through the sea. In addition to energy and emissions savings, this air lubrication system also helps minimise noise, vibration and fouling.

According to Silverstream, a significant reduction of 1.6 million tonnes in carbon emissions could be achieved over the vessels’ lifecycle as a direct result of installing the system onboard. In addition, MSC could see an estimated fuel saving cost of over EUR 257 million over the same period of time.