2021 September 27 16:00

TransContainer launches regular multimodal service from Asia-Pacific Region to Europe via Russian Far East and Kaliningrad

PJSC TransContainer of Delo Group says it has launched regular multimodal service of cargo container transportation from the Asia-Pacific Region to Europe via the ports of Russian Far East and Kaliningrad.

Within the framework of first shipment 54 containers loaded with consumer goods were dispatched from the Republic of Korea to Germany. The cargo arrived from Busan at terminal of Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company (VSC, part of Global Ports, co-controlling shareholder of which is Delo Group), on September 10, 2021 it was dispatched by express train over Trans-Siberian Railway and further across the territory of Latvia and Lithuania to Kaliningrad. The transportation by railway took 14 days. The containers will be dispatched from Kaliningrad to Hamburg by sea; transit time will take 7 days. In future the cargoes arrived at VSC terminal from other countries of Asia-Pacific Region will also be included in this service.

TransContainer provides its containers along the whole route, arranges logistics and transportation over Trans-Siberian Railway, and together with Latvian and Lithuanian forwarders arranges railway transportation over the territory of these Baltic countries.

“Kaliningrad, given its geographical position, is one of the most promising areas for the development of transit traffic logistics between the Asia-Pacific Region and Europe. With the growth of cargo traffic and the infrastructure work load on the inland western borders, the transportation service through this region ensures a competitive delivery time at a market price. Since in the Far East the route goes via the terminal of our partners, Global Ports we have confidence in the timing and quality of services. We hope that the new service will allow our customers to choose the best delivery option, taking into account their requests for the cost and transit time," said Nikita Pushkarev, Sales and Customer Service Director of PJSC TransContainer.