2021 October 7 14:23

APM Terminals Buenos Aries commissions a new, latest generation, mobile harbour crane at the terminal

As part of a broader investment plan and commitment to the country, APM Terminals Buenos Aries has commissioned a new, latest generation, mobile harbour crane at the terminal. Its new technology allows faster, safer, and more efficient operations, with a capacity of 154 tons and 54-meter reach. This will contribute to faster and more efficient loading and discharging of customer vessels and support the increase in global cargo volumes, according to the company's release.

APM Terminals Buenos Aires has also worked with local talent on an innovative safety Dojo. Dojo is the Japanese term for a place of immersive learning and at APM Terminals Callao it provides interactive learning tools and simulations that explain how to identify potentially dangerous situations and what to do in these situations.

In addition to training employees and contractors, the space is also open to members of the public visiting the Terminal, customers and suppliers.

Both initiatives demonstrate APM Terminals Buenos Aires’ ongoing commitment to improving foreign trade activities and investment in the development of innovative practices that provide better, safer and more efficient customers experiences at the Port.