2021 October 12 17:02

Throughput of port Vyborg in 9M’2021 rose by 61% Y-o-Y

Image source: Port of Vyborg
Cargo handling demonstrates stable upward dynamics

In January-September 2021, the port of Vyborg handled 778,600 tonnes of cargo (+61%, year-on-year), says Baltic Sea Ports Administration.

In the reported period, handling of dry bulk cargo rose by 66% to 699,400 tonnes including 293,400 tonnes of coal and coke (up 3.4 times) and 341,900 tonnes of mineral fertilizers (+14%). Handling of other dry bulk cargo surged 2.2 times to 64,100 tonnes.

Handling of general cargo increased by 20% to 64,000 tonnes with handling of liquid bulk cargo (chemicals) having showed an increase by 55% to 15,200 tonnes.

In 2020, the port of Vyborg handled 676,700 tonnes of cargo (-46%, year-on-year).

Port Logistic LLC is a stevedoring company and sole operator of the Seaport of Vyborg. The total area of the port is 16,2 ha. The company provides transshipping of various kinds of general cargo, dry and liquid bulk (mineral fertilizers, pellets, coal, ore, timber, scrap metal, aluminium hydroxide) and chemical liquid bulk.

The port offers safe storage facilities and has 47 700 m2 of open storage and 3779 m2 of protected storage.

During the summer navigation period the port accommodates passenger vessels.

Seaport of Vyborg is located at the intersection of the Intermodal Transport Corridor and Pan-European Transport Corridor that connect the North-West of Russia with the EU countries, the main highway in and out of the port is the Scandinavia Highway.

The Seaport of Vyborg has a permanent border entry point for passengers and cargo. Cargo arrives to the port onboard sea and river vessels, by trucks and by rail.