2021 October 25 19:59

Severnaya Verf readies the 170701 series factory freezer trawler Kapitan Sokolov for shore power connection

The lead factory freezer trawler of Project 170701 Kapitan Sokolov, under construction at Severnaya Verf Shipyard for NOREBO Group, is being outfitted for shore power connection, the shipbuilding company said.

Currently, the shipbuilder performs works on installation of cable tracks, of air conditioning and ventilation systems, insulation, painting tanks. A fish processing plant has been loaded onto the ship in the premises of the fish processing shop. Shipbuilders and OEM suppliers are busy installing the equipment.

The shipyard’s priority is to prepare the trawler for shore power connection by the end of October.

It is also necessary to mount an antenna on the wheelhouse, which will have to provide monitoring of the navigation situation and satellite communications. In the next month the shipbuilder will complete the installation and alignment of the trawler’s propulsion main engines that will be ready for trial run in early December.

Igor Orlov, General Director Severnaya Verf said there were a lot of bottlenecks in the design documentation revealed during the construction.

“We are constantly searching for new design and technological solutions, actively interacting with the customer and the RS,” he added.

The series of sea-going processing trawlers built by the shipyard for NOREBO will number 10 units. Six ships of the series are intended for operation in the Northern Basin, four ships – in the Far East Basin.

For the first time for Russian fishing vessels, a new hull architecture was applied - a capsule-shaped bow shape with an Enduro Bow tip. Thanks to this, the area of ​​the working space on board has increased and the seaworthiness has improved.

Severnaya Verf shipyard launched the lead processing trawler of Project 170701, Kapitan Sokolov, on 31 August 2020. Under construction are the Kapitan Geller, Kapitan Ostashkov, Kapitan Breyhman, Kapitan Tuzov and Kapitan Abakumov trawlers. The seventh trawler will be laid down in November 2021.

Key characteristics of Project 170701 vessel:

LOA: 81.6 m, beam: 16 m, cruising speed: 15.5 knots, displacement – 5,500 tonne, main engine rated power – 6.2 MW, production capacity - 150 tonnes of fish per day, freezing capacity: 100 tonnes of fish per day.

Severnaya Verf Shipyard (corporate member of United Shipbuilding Corporation) is among leading shipbuilding companies of Russia’s defence industry. The company was founded on November 14, 1912, as Putilovskaya Shipyard. Since then the shipbuilding company has built more than 600 warships and commercial vessels, including cruisers, destroyers, minesweepers, patrol vessels and submarines destroyers, research and passenger vessels, timber cargo carriers, trawlers, container ships and Ro-Ro vessels, tugboats and floating docks. The shipyard’s backlog of orders currently includes the series of frigates, corvettes and other vessels.

Established in 1997, NOREBO is one of Russia’s three largest fishing companies. The group numbers 16 fishing companies in the North-West Region and in the Far East of Russia. The group’s fleet consists of over 40 medium-size and large-size fishing ships operating in all key fishing areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. With its head office in Murmansk, Norebo sells its products both in Russia and in the foreign markets.