2021 November 18 18:06

ABS and Sofar Ocean to drive decarbonization through voyage optimization

Voyage planning insights to drive decarbonization goals through dynamic route optimization will soon be available for charterers and ship managers through ABS My Digital FleetTM, as Sofar Ocean, which recently announced a $39M Series B round, became the latest innovative technology startup to join the ABS My Digital Fleet Alliance Program.

The Alliance Program is designed to nurture an ecosystem of industry-trusted data, technology, and intelligence service providers, enabling integrated insights on one digital platform.

ABS My Digital Fleet is the only customizable risk management platform that seamlessly integrates data to provide real-time insights for driving sustainable operations and reducing operational risks. Sofar Ocean operates an “ocean intelligence platform” informed by the largest open ocean sensor network of coastal and open ocean drifting IoT sensors, known as Spotter buoys, covering all five of the world’s oceans. It provides dynamic route guidance, evaluating over 100 million routing options daily based on the latest weather forecast data, charter party requirements, and decarbonization goals. The Sofar Ocean platform will integrate with ABS My Digital Fleet to deliver voyage planning insights tailored for each vessel and journey, supporting shipmasters and fleet operations staff to take action when needed to support desired outcomes.