2021 November 24 17:33

Volga Shipping's freight transported this year’s inland shipping season reached 8.2 million tonnes

The largest share in the total inland traffic volume was crushed stone

The fleet of Volga Shipping Company’s inland vessels in the 2021 navigation season transported 8.2 million tonnes of cargo on Russia’s inland waterways, the shipping company said.

Crushed stone cargo constitutes the largest share in the Volga Shipping’s river traffic volume.

Photo courtesy of Volga Shipping Company

In total, during the 2021 navigation period, dry cargo carriers and ATBs of Volga Shipping Company carried 2.36 million tonnes (about 30% of the total volume) of crushed stone, 2.3 million tonnes (28%) of grain, 1 million tonnes (12%) of metal, 0.9 million tonnes (11%) of gravel, more than 1 million tonnes of other bulk cargo (salt, sulfur, granulated slag, fertilizers, etc.). In addition, Volga Shipping’s inland tankers transported 481000 tonnes of fuel oil.

Export cargoes, delivered to the transshipment locations of the southern and northern parts of the UDWS of Russia, were primarily grain, metal, granulated sulfur, oil products.

During the reporting period, the vessels of Volga Shipping Company operated throughout the European part of Russia: in the territories of the North-Western, Central, Volga, Azov-Don, Kama basins with access to the coastal waters of the Baltic and Black Seas. In total, more than 200 units of the river dry-cargo and tanker fleet were involved in the transportation.

Volga Shipping will carry out scheduled drydocking and repair of its inland fleet. The job will be performed at the company’s maintenance / ship repair yards.

More than 80 dry cargo ships and tankers of Volga Shipping are currently transporting cargo on international routes. Following the results of ten months, the shipping company has transported 14.7 million tonnes of dry bulk, general, project and liquid bulk cargo.

Established in 1843, Volga Shipping Company is one of Russia’s largest and oldest shipping companies which owns and operates a fleet of 250 vessels with a total deadweight exceeding 1.4 million tonnes. In 2020, the company transported over 14.5 million tonnes of cargo. Volga Shipping Company provides services for transportation of dry bulk, general, liquid bulk and project cargo along inland water ways of Russia on inland and sea international shipping lanes.