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Samus Shipbuilding and Repair Yard launches first non-self-propelled barge built for Norilsk Nickel

Image source: Norilsk Nickel
The contract worth over RUB 2 billion for construction of 10 barges was signed in May 2021

On 4 August 2022, Samus Shipbuilding and Repair Yard (Samussky SSRZ, Tomsk Region) launched the first ship in the series of 10 sea-going barges being built for Yenisei River Shipping Company, subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel, according to Nornickel’s press release.

The shipbuilding contract was signed in May 2021. Samussky SSRZ is to build a series of 10 non-self-propelled combo oil / deck cargo barges of Project RDB 66.68М. Class notation: М-СП3,5 (ice30). The design of the barges has been customized: the dimensions and the weight have been decreased while retaining cargo carrying capacity. That will let decrease fuel expenses for towing operations. The barge length - 92 meters, weight — 700 tonnes, capacity in river conditions — 3,000 tonnes, capacity in sea conditions — 2,500 tonnes.

Under the contract, Samussky SSRZ is to deliver two barges in 2022, four barges in 2023 and four barges in 2024.

The new ships are needed for implementation of large-scale investment projects on the Taimyr peninsula such as renovation of Norilsk covering a period until 2035 as well as implementation of Nornickel’s Northern Programme.

Established in 179, Samus Shipbuilding and Repair Yard (Samussky SSRZ, Tomsk Region) is located on the right bank of the Tom river 42 down the town of Tomsk. Throughout its history, the shipyard has built 333 vessels of various types including boats, yachts, barges, ferries, pontoons, floating cranes, cargo and passenger ships as well as clean-up ships.

MMC Norilsk Nickel is a diversified mining and metallurgical company, the world’s largest producer of palladium and high-grade nickel and a major producer of platinum and copper. The company also produces cobalt, rhodium, silver, gold, iridium, ruthenium, selenium, tellurium, sulphur and other products. The production units of Norilsk Nickel Group are located at the Norilsk Industrial District, on the Kola Peninsula and Zabaykalsky Krai in Russia as well as in Finland and South Africa.

Yenisei River Shipping Company was established as a state enterprise in 1931, incorporated in 1994. YRSC is the main carrier of cargo along the water routes of the Yenisei Basin. The company’s fleet numbers some 650 vessels with total capacity of about 680,000 t. The company has shipbuilding and ship repair assets and a number of other business units. Major customer and the controlling shareholder of the company is Norilsk Nickel OJSC.

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